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Salim Mehajers GF Speaks About Moment She Confronted Robbers

Salim Mehajer’s girlfriend has opened up about the various traumatic experiences that she has had since she started dating the jailed ex-deputy Auburn mayor.

Melissa Tysoe, who began dating Salim after meeting him at a party on New Year’s Eve, came on the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning to discuss what it was like to be in a relationship with a man involved in a ton of legal drama.

And as it turns out, it’s far from easy. The Central Coast business graduate revealed that she’s been hit with a barrage of awful messages and comments on social media from fake accounts, with some even containing death threats.

“I’ve had a few death wishes, threats, harassment, things like that,” she revealed to Kyle and Jackie O.

But it’s not just people hiding behind screens that have been attacking Melissa, as she revealed that she has also been the victim of multiple robberies while staying at Mehajer’s house.

Melissa told Kyle and Jackie O about the traumatic moment that she confronted the men who had broken into the home in the middle of the night wearing balaclavas and carrying crow bars as weapons.

“I woke up to them with their masks and crow bars standing over the bed,” revealed Melissa.

Melissa explained that she couldn’t call police because the robbers had taken her phone and so her first instinct was to yell at them. Unfortunately, this turned things from bad to worse as she went on to explain that one of the robbers tried to climb into bed with her.

Find out how Melissa managed to escape this terrifying situation in the video above.

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