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Roxy Jacenko Reveals BIG Mistake She Made With Pixie

Roxy Jacenko has been the focus of much media attention over the past few months, the most extreme of which came after husband Oliver Curtis was charged for insider trading and sent to prison.

As if that wasn’t difficult enough for Roxy and her young family, the PR Queen was then diagnosed with breast cancer. Speaking to Kyle and Jackie O today, Roxy revealed that though she does everything in her power to protect her children from the reality of what’s going on, there was one thing she did with Pixie since Oliver was jailed, that she regrets deeply.

“Does Pixie speak to Oliver on the phone?” Jackie asked.

“Not anymore. That was one big mistake I have made since Olly’s been in prison," revealed Roxy.

“I put Pixie on the phone to her dad, and it was her birthday, so I put her on the phone to him. The first thing she asked was ‘when are you coming home?’

“She cried for the whole day after that.”

Roxy then went on to reveal that she thought it would be hardest for the couple’s youngest child, two-year-old Hunter, but in reality, it’s give-year-old Pixie who is suffering with the separation most.

“Now Pixie doesn’t talk to him on the phone anymore.”

We wish Roxy the very best in her recovery.

See the full chat below...

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