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Pink Reveals Exclusively When She’ll Be Back In Australia

This morning Kyle and Jackie O caught up with singing sensation, Pink - one of their favourites.

She was such a laugh, telling us about how her ‘six-year-old teenager’ is just like her - and how her mum wished she would have a daughter just like her, and she did.

She then told the guys about her new music, and how this is the first time she’s ‘really cared’ about the music she released.

‘Didn’t you care before?’ Jackie asked? ‘Hell no! Not really…’ she exclaimed.

Obviously this album is the BIG one… Kyle and Jack also went on to ask when she’ll be back in Australia, because we miss her…

‘Come tomorrow, what are you doing? You wouldn’t be doing anything?’ Kyle asked. ’Oh you know, not much, just performing in Berlin… hahaha.’

She revealed that it had been FOUR or FIVE years since she’d been here and that she’d be returning NEXT YEAR. ‘I’ll be there next year, I can’t wait!’


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