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Pete Evans Hits Back After Savage 'A Current Affair' Episode

Pete Evans has been described in an A Current Affair episode last night as 'Dangerous, Unqualified and Fraudulent."

"At best optimistic and at worst, fraudulent." These were the words used to describe Pete's endorsement of the paleo diet during A Current Affair last night. He was accused of "making a fortune" by selling the "fad diet."

The program also questioned by Channel 7 were yet to sack the My Kitchen Rules judge over his views.

So, what's with all the Pete-bashing? We thought we'd ask the man himself.

Pete Evans was on the show this morning and Jackie asked him why he thinks the media is targetting him, to which Pete replied, 'If they can show me proof that I'm dangerous, show me! If they can show me proof that I'm fraudulent, show me!"

He then told Kyle and Jackie O about his Facebook page, and the following that love his daily postings of people who have adopted the paleo diet or the paleo way of life - and how people constantly write into him to share their stories about how paleo has changed their lives.

He maintains that he is a chef that creates recipes that are of the understanding of how our bodies work as learned from true professionals.' He maintains that he "didn't create this, it's a theory promoted by professors, doctors and medical professionals around the world that promote this" (paleo way of life), he is simply "taking their information and putting into a recipe that people will cook."

Interestingly, Pete is a qualified health coach and chef, so why is he being questioned so much and being labelled 'fraudulent?'

Pete was talking about the success of the diet, and mentioned it's rising success in sporting markets. He said that the New Zealand Warriors and Melbourne AFL Football team and Sydney Roosters have adopted the paleo way of life as they've discovered they can recover quicker, they can train faster with better results. Pete also predicts in five or 10 years time more and more sporting groups will adopt the paleo way of life.

Interestingly, Pete confirmed that no-one from A Current Affair reached out to him for an interview or a comment.

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