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Pauline Hanson Explains THAT Burqa Stunt In Senate Yesterday

Yesterday, Pauline Hanson shocked the country when she entered senate wearing a burqa.

We knew it was a stunt of some kind, but nobody was quite sure of what she was trying to achieve; a point, to offend, or to get a laugh?

This morning, Kyle and Jackie O spoke to Pauline, in an attempt to get an explanation for the stunt.

She spoke about the fact that the stunt was designed to prove a point; that she didn’t get checked once walking into the senate.

‘This attendant, who looks after us… he stood up and he just gasped, he looked at me in the burqa and he stood up and looked at me, and didn’t know what to say. He didn’t ask me anything, I just walked past and sat in my seat.

‘They said, I believe it’s Senator Hanson… at no stage did anyone check my security,' Pauline revealed.

‘When you actually come to vote and you’re sitting in the chamber, and you’re there to vote on a topic or an issue, we have to have facial recognition because our names are crossed off on the registrar to say which way we’ve voted. That cannot possibly happen if you’re wearing a burqa.’

In terms of the stunt being offensive, Pauline revealed she thinks the stunt will help Muslim women who are 'forced' to wear the burqa.

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