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Nicole Kidman Speaks About Being At Oscars During Blunder

We all remember a few weeks ago when the Oscars aired, and we were SHOCKED by the blunder that saw the WRONG movie being announced as the winner of ‘Best Picture.'

When Kyle and Jackie O got Nicole Kidman on the phone this morning, we had to ask what it was like being in the room when it all went down - after we asked her about that ‘seal clapping’ of course…

“Thankfully there was a blunder at the end of the Oscars to sort of take away from that [the seal clapping], what was it like being in the room?” Jackie asked.

“That was bizarre I have to say, I wasn’t sure what was going on, no-one in the audience was, and then there was kind of some shuffling and envelopes and I’m thinking ‘what’s going on?’ I thought someone wasn’t well!” Nicole revealed.

“And then I saw people’s faces dropping - it was bizarre!

She then got interrupted while she was sitting in her trailer - and proceeded to tell us about a new movie she’s making with Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston!

VERY exciting!

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