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NSW Premier Reveals What She’s Doing About The Lockout Laws

Today we met the premier who has been elected to take Mike Baird’s place, after he announced he is stepping down. Gladys Berejiklian opened up to the guys about her former job as Treasurer and how she’s excited to not be chained to her desk and is relishing the opportunity to get out and about in the community.

She also opened up about where she stands on our lockout laws; an issue many people wanted to get her view on.

“I think they [the lockout laws] have helped people understand that fun isn’t about getting drunk and hitting people.”

She revealed she’s in a comfortable place with them now.

“An independent report revealed we should relax them a little bit, which we did. We pushed them back a little bit.”

"Parents stay up at home worrying what their kids are doing, and I think they need a government that focuses on keeping kids safe. We don't need a culture where kids think it's cool to get drunk and hit people."

So, it seems as though even though Mike Baird is out, the lockout laws are staying the same!

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