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Naked Dating Couple: “OMG, I Know Him!”

Today our latest Naked Dating couple were getting ready to come on air for the segment that has Sydney - and the whole country - talking.

Just before Lizzie entered the studio to meet Adam this morning - she peeked inside and realised she already KNEW him!

They had met twice before, and went on one date to Crust Pizza, but not even a kiss had come out of it.

Adam revealed he was worried something like this would happen.

“Oh what, you’ve had THAT many women you thought you’d probably know her?!” Kyle quizzed.

Adam laughed it off.

It wasn’t long after that that Lizzie de-robed Adam - and she liked what she saw.

“He’s got a better chest than me, and I paid for mine!” she squealed.

Adam then removed her robe and was INCREDIBLY enamoured with what she had going on.

“Oh yes!” he cooed. “They [her breasts] just sit there perfectly.”

There was instant chemistry visible to Kyle and Jackie O, as well as the staff watching on.

Adam felt so comfortable he even lost his underwear. “He’s very well endowed. It looks clean!” Lizzie exclaimed.

Jackie then suggested this could be fate, them meeting here again meaning that they’re meant to be together.” ‘It could be the start of a fairytale,” Lizzie said.

I think there could be love blooming here…

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