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Melissa Tysoe Reveals Plans To Marry Salim Mehajer

You’d think that for former deputy Mayor of Auburn and now convicted criminal Salim Mehajer, marriage would be the last thing on his mind.

After all he is currently serving out a jail sentence, not to mention his last marriage was filled with drama and ended in a pretty messy breakup involving AVO’s and intimidation charges.

But apparently marriage is actually a near possibility for Mehajer and his current girlfriend Melissa Tysoe, despite only dating for a few months.

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Melissa revealed that the pair have plans to tie the knot in an Islamic ceremony.

The topic came up when Kyle inquired about the sex life that the two have. Melissa revealed that they haven’t slept together yet because of Salim’s religious beliefs.

“We haven’t had sex yet, we’re not married,” said Melissa. “He’s very religious. We have to be religiously married.”

Melissa clarified what she means by this is that the pair would need to have an “Islamic marriage” in order to sleep together. This type of marriage would not be seen as a legal marriage in Australia but would be recognised as marriage by the church of Islam.

“Are you planning on doing that?” asked Jackie, to which Melissa confirmed that it was in fact something the pair were planning to do.

As for when the marriage could take place, Melissa says it’s all “up in the air” at the moment as they wait for Salim’s sentencing to take place.

Melissa met Salim at a New Year's Eve party last year and started dating soon after. 

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