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Melissa George Opens Up About THAT Comment About Australia

Melissa George has been back in the headlines recently, and unlike the last time she had our attention, this is really serious.

George has been the centre of a domestic violence investigation in Paris with her former partner Jean-David Bland and has resorted to pleading with Australia to help her bring her kids home.

The reason her plea to come home didn’t quite have the effect she wanted it to, was because of a comment she was reported to have made during an interview with journalist Christine Sams.

In that interview, George was quoted as to say that she would not want to return to Australia, because “I’d rather be having a croissant and a little espresso in Paris or walking my french bulldog in New York City.”

When Kyle and Jackie O spoke exclusively to Melissa, they asked about THAT comment, and she revealed that she had never actually said that.

“I never said that at all, and I let it go and it got huge. We were laughing. I would never say anything negative about my country.

“It was all swapped around and put in the wrong context. People who know me know that I find light in sad situations and that’s what happened.

“But you know I think it’s obvious that I’d much rather be having a Chardonnay in Perth or a vegemite sandwich than having a croissant in Paris.”

“So you just let that go? That wasn’t a quote of yours but just something that sort of got away from you?” Jackie asked.

“Oh gosh yeah, absolutely. But i know that that’s the way it works, I’ve been doing it 20 years and I know that things get said and people can perceive what’s written in the way that they want to.”

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