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Mel B’s Brother-In-Law Speaks Out About ‘Open Relationship'

This morning Kyle and Jackie O had an exclusive chat with Mel B’s brother-in-law, Jeremiah Stansbury.

The brother of Mel’s husband, Stephen Belafonte, spoke to the guys about the factors that may have contributed to the couple’s split, including the souring of their ‘open relationship’.

‘Everybody has personal issues, we’re all human, nobody’s perfect. I’m not here to try and throw shade on Steve or anything like that. What they had is what we all want, a very, very, fun, loose, open kind-of-a-relationship. It’s been publicised, you’re not getting this from me. They like to bring a stripper over, or have a little fun, stuff like that.”

"In my opinion, I’m just giving my opinion here. If you’re not a very mature person, if you’re not very solid, if you’re going to look at that as a licence to then just do whatever the hell you want, then somebody’s going to end up feeling unappreciated.

“You know, Steve can be a little rough around the edges sometimes, he’s not a bad guy by no means, but he can be a little rough around the edges, and I think he wasn’t probably picking up on the signs that Melanie wasn’t quite happy, and I think everyone knew that because she put a post out, what a week before she filed for the divorce, saying ‘Steve I love you, but you’re kind of a d*ckhead.”

“Steve never picks up when he’s rubbing people up the wrong way, all he knows is ‘go mode.”

Kyle and Jackie also brought up a rumour that Steve once announced that he left the house after an argument saying he was ‘going to get his d*ck s*cked. and that’s the way he would make her feel small.

Jeremiah said, ‘I think that’s Steve maybe being a little jealous, that she does have personal relationships of her own.’

‘I don’t know anything personally about that other than Mel has her own relationships with women and Steve is the type when he feels like he’s being, a little on the outside or he’s not the favourite one, if you know Steve he likes the spotlight, he likes to be the dude in the driver’s seat and you can’t really be that when you’re married to a superstar.”

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