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Meet The Finalist’s For Kyle & Jackie O’s World’s BEST Job

For the last few weeks, we’ve had applications flooding in for people wanting to join the Kyle and Jackie O team for what’s being called, ‘The World’s Best Job’.

We had an unbelievable amount of entries, and deciding who would make the final cut was incredibly difficult, but we think we’ve found the right mix of hopefuls who have the X Factor!



Suburb: Edmondson Park

About him:

· Started full time work with Western Sydney Wanders (foundation worker)

· Works currently at services NSW

· Loves to travel, played soccer for a long time

· Very outgoing and confident

· Feels like at every job he has created a great ambience around him

· Looks at Intern Pete as a role model



About him:

· I would bring the cock suit. Every morning. Also my nan makes a great scone. I could bring that to the team. When you ask what would I bring is it what will I LITERALLY bring? Because I'd assume I'd bring a laptop. Maybe a jacket if it was cold. Probably some pens, too.

· I WOULD also bring a quirky attitude and a youthful look on things! I LOVE TV and pop culture and I already have a relationship with KJ! What more could you want!? 

· Why do you want the World's Best Job? Well since Manchild left theres a vacant position for a huge cock. I'm here to fill that. I'm the cock you need. Why do I want the job? Because I've had a taste of the position, and now I'm hungry for the real deal.

Intern Pete’s Mum - Helen


About her:

· Pete’s Mum thinks she has the cutting edge for this role.

· “Pete tries hard” but he hasn’t gotten there

· Fresh from the farm in Simpson

· Currently working part-time in a hotel cleaning toilets



About him:

· Big personality, outspoken. Confident and good-looking.

· Loves a laugh and snapchat

· Loves celebrity culture

· Frankie is an ideas man and will bring a lot to the show!


Kyle and Jackie O are looking for someone who has the X Factor.

Who is the underdog judge joining Adam Lambert, Iggy Azalea and Guy Sebastian?

X Factor Tonight 7.30 on Seven.

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