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Matty J & Laura Reveal The TRUTH About THOSE Snow Pics

This morning, the guys caught up with Matty J and his love, winner of The Bachelor series, Laura Byrne.

The two came in to talk about the romance and what it was like to keep it a secret for all those months until the reveal.

Back in July, the couple were thought to have spoiled the surprise, after both Matty and Laura uploaded photos to their instagram accounts of themselves at the snow.

Many viewers were quick to point out the link between the pics, and accused them of ruining the surprise.

"Totes Gnarly dude.....totes" ✌🏻#everythinghurts #noseriouslyeverythinghurts #mypoorbutt

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One person posted on Laura’s snow photo; ’Ohh that guy with the beard..he is the same guy went with @matthewdavidjohnson omg u r the winner @ladyandacat ♥ congrats’

While another wrote, ‘mmmm quite suspicious.... u and matty j at the snow at the same time.’

So when they were in this morning, a caller the opportunity to find out once and for all if it was a giant slip-up, or not.

‘You know when you guys posted up those photos at the same time of those ski photos together? Did you get in trouble for that?’

Matty started, but Laura piped up, ‘OMG I’m so glad that you asked that… you go, babe.’

Time to eat sh*t and run into trees.... yew #ihavenoideawhatiamdoing @lelubee @mikedg

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‘There was about a week difference between those two photos, and everyone was like ‘uh huh, we’ve got you!’

But my photo was taken in Australia, I was in Perisher, and you were in New Zealand,’ Matty said.

‘So I was in New Zealand with my sister for her birthday, and I posted on the day that I was snowboarding, and Matty posted like a later gram a week later, so he’s the one that stuffed up, so Australia he’s very, very sorry,’ Laura explained.

‘It was so innocent, we had no context for it being a spoiler!’

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