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Man Who Escaped Silverwater Prison Reveals How He Did It

This morning Kyle and Jackie O welcomed a man named John Killick in studio. He escaped Silverwater Prison back in 1999.

Basically, his partner at the time, Lucy, hijacked a helicopter and picked up John while they were out in the oval, which they only had access to twice a week.

John told Kyle and Jackie O he rang Lucy just before they were let out and gave her the signal.

I rang her and let her know I was ‘going for a run,’ that was the signal and she was nearby, so she went and got the helicopter.’

However, the chopper was running late. ‘It only just got there a few minutes before we were due to go back in.’

John revealed that he saw 10 choppers fly overhead that day, ‘because of the Olympics’. ‘So every chopper you saw you thought it was her?’ Kyle asked. ‘I thought it was her, yeah…'

However, John’s escape was short-lived, with Lucy and himself both charged for the escape. Lucy was convicted and has only been out of prison for around 10 years.

John served five years for the escape and seven for the pilot, however he says he probably served longer than he was meant to, around 23 years in total.

Looking back, John wants to know make it clear to the youth that crimes he once thought to be okay, like robbery and armed robbery, are more detrimental than you might think.

‘I’m no role model. I thought it was me against the bank, but what you don’t think about is the psychological damage to the people in the bank. Out of 10, eight might be okay, but two might psychiatric damage from these actions.’

John is now a model citizen, and after a tough upbringing when he lost his mum aged seventeen, he’s paid the price for his crimes.

You can buy John’s book, ‘The Last Escape’, from all good bookstores.

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