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Love Island’s Eden Reveals REAL Reason For Split With Erin

Their breakup came as a bit of a shock last week seeing as they appeared to be so in love during their time on Love Island Australia but it seems that the reality of being back in the real world was just too much to handle for Eden Dally and Erin Barnett.

The pair issued a joint Instagram post to their personal accounts on September 3 saying that they have come to the decision to part ways but would remain best friends after creating great memories together in Spain.

Originally no reason was given for the split but it was thought that they could no longer do the long distance with Erin living in Melbourne and Eden residing in Sydney.

While speaking with Jackie and Beau Ryan this morning, who was filling in for Kyle, Eden told us that this was only part of the reason for the split and that the reality of being out of the villa was just too much.

“Look she lives in Melbourne and I live in Sydney and the feelings were there, we were very genuine but when you’re in the villa it’s just a little bubble and then you come out in the real world and it just hits you,” said Eden.

“None of us were willing to commit to the move…and it just wasn’t going to work with the long distance.”

Apart from living in different states Eden told us that numerous cheating allegations really drove a wedge between him and Erin.

“We had messages from strangers saying different things and that was a bit of a strain on the relationship,” he continued. “If I ever did a night club appearance or anything a girl would message her and say, ‘Eden was playing up’, or, ‘Eden was getting rowdy with these girls’."

Eden was adamant that he never cheated on Erin, nor did he believe that Erin had cheated on him, but eventually Erin started to believe the rumours and ultimately this was the biggest cause of the breakup.

“Sometimes Erin would ask me…yeah sometimes she would believe it..she’d get a bit frustrated because people are sending her these messages and she didn’t know who they were,” said Eden.

“Living in different cities did play a factor but then people, you know someone sent Erin a message that she did believe and she didn’t speak to me after that.”

This would explain those Instagram stories that Erin posted after her breakup with Eden claiming that he had cheated on her.

If you’re hoping that Erin and Eden will ever get back together we’re sorry to say that it looks unlikely with Eden continuing to say that he hasn’t actually spoken to Erin since the split. However, he did say that he remains to have complete respect and admiration for her and he wishes her the very best.

Naww put out your pumpkin pies for Eden guys!

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