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Listener Claims Charlie Goldsmith Has Healed Her Migraines

Last week Kyle and Jackie O invited the man known as ‘The Healer’, Charlie Goldsmith, into our studio to put his abilities to the test.

Having appeared on multiple TV shows Charlie claimed to possess an energy that enabled him to heal peoples ailments with just his hands and mind. We decided to bring a group of people with various injuries and illnesses together to see if it really worked.

We already heard that a miracle seemed to take pace for Kyle’s brother Chris Sandilands  who hadn’t had any feeling in his leg since a terrible motorbike accident. After Charlie worked on him in studio, Chris was suddenly able to feel his leg and could walk much better than ever before.

Kyle's Brother chris sandiland's swears charlie goldsmith's healing powers really work

And now it seems that another miracle has surfaced from the segment! Christine came in to visit Charlie after she had spent many years suffering from chronic migraines and cluster headaches.

“I generally have them every morning, so I get one and it comes on between 1 and 3AM,” explained Christine. “I basically have a headache all of the time, like a dull headache. There’s levels...When it’s super bad, I’m in bed, dark room, vomiting, can’t even move."

And so Charlie attempted to work on Christine in order to give her some sort of relief from this illness. At the time, Christine said that she noticed some sort of a change but was unsure if her migraines had been completely cured as she hadn’t been suffering from one at the time of the treatment.

However this morning, four days after Charlie performed his treatment, Christine called up the show and told us that she has one hundred percent been cured and has not suffered from a migraine since.

“I’m letting you know that I’m on day four of no headache, no migraine, nothing,” said Chrstine this morning. “I had them every single day for the last three and a half years. It’s amazing. I’m so grateful, blown away, amazed. I don’t even know how to describe how I feel.”

Christine went on to say that this treatment has made such an incredible difference to her life and she feels like she can enjoy life much more now.

“It is incredible and it’s just made such an incredible difference to my life,” she said. “Everyday is just such a blessing! I’m so grateful.”

We have to say, this truly is what we would call a miracle! Charlie Goldsmith you have one special gift! Watch the whole video of Charlie healing Christine in the video below.

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