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Cassie Sainsbury Called Into KJ's Interview With Mother Lisa

Cassie Sainsbury is a name that most people throughout Australia and even across the world would know. A year ago, she was caught attempting to smuggle 5.8 kilograms of cocaine out of Colombia in 18 pairs of headphones.

After being charged and going through a long legal battle, the 22-year-old woman from Adelaide was sentenced to six years in a Colombian prison after accepting a plea deal. She was originally facing up to 21 years in prison.

Since the moment that the news broke about Cassie, Kyle and Jackie O have remained close to the situation and even spoke with Cassie’s mum Lisa Sainsbury on air to give her opinion on what she described as “a devastating situation”.

And now, almost a year on since Cassie was detained at Bogota airport, Kyle and Jackie O have spoken with Lisa Sainsbury on the air once again to find out how Cassie is coping with life in prison.

“How’s she holding up?” asked Jackie.

“She’s doing as well as she can,” replied Lisa. “She’s actually surprising me how strong she is.”

Lisa also revealed that she talks to he daughter on the phone every day and so Kyle and Jackie asked if it would be possible to get Cassie on the phone during the interview. 

Lisa agreed, and so Kyle and Jackie were able to exclusively speak with Cassie from El Buen Pastor women's prison. Listen to the entire interview in the video above. 

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