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Lisa Oldfield Reveals Whether She And David Have Had Sex Yet

Last night, a very emotional episode of ‘Real Housewives of Sydney’ aired, and it showed a kind of vulnerable sign of Lisa Oldfield that we haven’t seen before.

Filmed six months ago, the episode showed Lisa Oldfield breaking down as she revealed her marriage troubles to the other girls.

During a trip to the Whitsundays, Victoria chooses to ask Lisa, in front of everyone, whether she and David will be getting a divorce.

Lisa jumped in to explain that in fact, she and David have sorted things out: “Once I’d heard his side of the story, and what I’d been doing to him, it started to make sense.”

As the others probe her on the state of her marriage, Lisa reveals that she and David haven’t slept in the same bed for “years.” The last time they were “intimate” was a year ago, on a holiday in New Zealand.

This morning, Lisa stopped in to the show to discuss the episode and where she and David are at in their marriage now.

Kyle of course went straight to the important part; ‘Are you guys having sex again?’

‘With each other?’ Lisa laughed.

She then attempted to change the subject before Kyle brought it back again…

‘Yes, we’re back on the horse… haha!’

Lisa then explained that she’s made an effort to ‘get back on the horse’ with David, and even played Price music and lingerie… but it didn’t quite go to play!

Naww! hahahaha!

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