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Liane Moriarty’s New Book Sounds Even Better Than BLL

Everyone knows that the TV show Big Little Lies, based on the original book of the same name by Australian author Liane Moriarty, was a complete and utter success and it only left us wanting more.

And so what is incredibly exciting is that not only are we getting a second season of this hit series, but Liane is back at it again with another drama filled book hitting the shelves TOMORROW!

Speaking with Kyle and Beau Ryan, who was filling in for Jackie this morning while she was off sick, Liane told us the plot of her latest novel ‘Nine Perfect Strangers’ and holy moly it sounds just like Big Little Lies but even MORE insane! (If that’s even possible)

While Big Little Lies followed the lives of the mothers in the beachfront town of Monterey rocked by a murder, Liane told us that Nine Perfect Strangers will follow a group of people at a health retreat.

“Nine Perfect Strangers, what’s this story about?” asked Kyle.

“So this is about Nine people who go to a health resort for a ten day transformation retreat because they’re hoping to you know, lose weight and give up smoking and no alcohol,” explained Liane.

That's right if you thought there was drama with the women of Monterey, just imagine what CRAZY things will happen when nine people, who are likely to be a bit agitated and irritable while they give up their various addictions, all get together at a secluded retreat!!

“And it’s run by a tall, Russian, charismatic woman and obviously that role will be played by Nicole,” continued Liane.

Now if you’re wondering what Liane means by “played”, she’s referencing the fact that this book is so damn good that it’s already been signed on to be remade onscreen before it’s even been released in stores.

“Nicole and Bruna Papandrea, the Australian producer who did Big Little Lies, together they’ve optioned this one as well,” explained Liane.

So not only have we got this new book to satisfy our murder mystery cravings until the second season of Big Little Lies but we also have another series on the way featuring our very own Nicole, who won an Emmy for her role as Celeste in Big Little Lies.

Now speaking of murder mysteries, we bet you’re wondering, will this new story centre around a massive death like Big Little Lies did?

Liane didn’t tell us flat out that there would be a murder but she did say that trouble would arise in the retreat.

Beau joked that maybe Kyle should go visit a retreat like this to give up his addiction to coffee. However, Liane said once you find out what goes on in the book you’ll want to steer clear of health retreats altogether.

“No, especially once you read the book I don’t think Kyle should go,” she explained. “There’s trouble…something’s going to happen.”

But if there is a murder, Liane did seem to say that it won’t be a character that we fall in love with. In a similar way to Big Little Lies, she told us that she only kills off characters if it’s going to give the audience some sort of satisfaction.

“I only started killing off characters by about book three,” she explained. “I kill off character’s where there’s some sort of satisfaction in killing off those characters.”

Ohhh we can’t wait to read it! Nine Perfect Strangers hits stores tomorrow! So if you’re trying to get in contact with us in the next couple of days, don’t bother, because it’s likely our noses will be buried in this!

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