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Lauv SINGS The Sound Effects In His Song ‘I Like Me Better'

If you’ve ever heard Lauv’s 2017 song ‘I Like Me Better’ no doubt you know how catchy it is. That one tune that goes a little like ‘ba da, da da, mm mm da’ can literally get stuck in your head for hours, and really that’s how you know you’ve created an absolute hit. 

Of course while we’re humming along to the tune we’re also thinking, ‘what instrument does he use to make such a random sound?’. Our first thought was that it sounds like some sort of techno synthesizer. 

But instead of keeping the guesses going, Kyle and Jackie O decided to ask Lauv how on earth he created the beat. And it turns out that it’s actually his own VOICE!

“That’s my favourite part of the song,” started Kyle. 

“Yeah it’s the best part,” added Jackie. “But what do you use to make that sound?”

“That was actually just my voice,” revealed Lauv. “I recorded it in my voicemail using my iPhone, çoz the song was actually the fastest song I ever wrote.” 

What an insanely talented dude!! Check out the clip of Lauv giving us a live example of the tune in the video above. 

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