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Kyle Sandilands Renewed As Sleep Under The Stars Ambassador

Kyle Sandilands is someone who knows better than most what it’s like to live without a roof over his head having been faced with homelessness at a young age.

And so it’s not surprising that he feels a particularly close bond with Stepping Stone House, a Sydney-based charity that is dedicated to helping youths-at-risk.

Each year, the charity hosts Sleep Under The Stars; an event designed to help bring awareness and to combat the issue of homelessness.

And for the second year in a row now, our very own Kyle has been announced as an ambassador for the event!

Speaking at the fundraiser last year, Kyle spoke about his own struggle with homelessness and how it changed his entire perspective on life.

“I remember the first night I slept on the street… In Brisbane, in the 80s, there was not a lot of help. That is where the SSH mission resonates with me. Their Targets, their goals and their dreams. This is the charity for me,” Kyle said.

As an ambassador for Sleep Under the Stars in 2019, Kyle hopes to create a positive change for the youths out there currently dealing with homelessness.

“The dangers kids face out there and the lack of opportunities to make them feel as young adolescents - they feel lost, that there is no hope. They get led into a life of crime, of drugs, or prostitution. All terrible lives,” he said.

Sleep Under the Stars takes place on 1st November this year. You can visit their website to find out how you can get involved too and help the lives of those in need!

Watch Kyle's emotional speech at last year's event in the video above!

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