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Kyle’s Northies Bar Tab Has Been Thrown A MAJOR Curve Ball

This morning Fraser, a representative from Northies called into the show and delivered a bit of bad news to the guys.

Apparently, the suggestion is that Kyle’s $10k bar tab (which will be awarded if the Sharks win the comp and matched by Northies, making it $20k in total) be put on the bar at Northies not the day of the actual Grand Final.

“We’ve had a bit of a chat to the licensing police and everyone feels a lot more comfortable [if we don't do it on game day]. Everyone thinks we’re going to be partying pretty much that whole week. So we need to give everyone a little bit of a breather and then we have a community event [the next day],” he said.

“But everyone’s under the impression it’s going to be happening on the Sunday night of the Grand Final?” Jackie asked.

“I think everyone’s a lot more comfortable if it’s [the Monday],” Fraser said.

“Who’s everyone?!” Kyle and Jackie asked.

“You’ve got to remember everyone’s going to be down at the stadium and they’re going to go out from the stadium. All the true fans are going to be out at the game, there’s going to be big local contingent at the pub, but we want the true believers coming back and being part of your shout, Kyle. Really, we’ve got to push it to the [Monday],” explained Fraser.

Let’s see what happens!

What do you think should happen?

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