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Kyle Thinks He’s Responsible For Karl And Cassandra's Split

In the midst of Karl Stefanovic’s split with his wife, many people are focusing on his new love, Jasmine Yarbrough.

However, this morning on the show, Kyle revealed that he thinks HE is the reason they split.

Elaborating, he said that on one occasion Karl and Cassandra were brought to a mate’s place Kyle was at and Karl explained that Kyle was actually Cassandra’s hall pass.

‘Let me just make it very clear, it wasn’t a ‘keys in the bowl’… but karl dropped the bomb shell that I was her fantasy guy, and you can’t blame her.’

He continued, ‘but just the temptation of putting your fantasy guy in front of you, he screwed himself up there, don’t you think?’

‘Ugh, no? Jackie replied.

So in conclusion, despite what Kyle may think, he probably wasn’t the major trigger in their marriage break down.

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