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Kyle Reveals His TV Paycheque

Kyle has let slip the amount he was being paid as a TV talent show judge!

He appeared on the Australia's Got Talent panel between 2010 and 2013, and earlier worked on Australian Idol between 2005 and 2008. 


Now he's revealed that he was raking in a 7 figure salary for his role!

Would that amount of money be enough to lure him back onto the small screen? Probably not. 

Kyle unleashed on a rant about the reasons he didn't like working in TV. 

"It's so boring!" he confessed. 

"Sitting around all day in a trailer with makeup on, in a suit, and girls with little clipboards and headsets saying 'Won't be long now, Kyle'." 

Kyle also said that some shoots took as long as 9 hours - most of that time spent doing nothing. 

"The call sheet says you gotta be here at 8.30am. Then you look at it and you get ready, you get makeup, you get photos, then you have lunch... I don't wanna come here to have lunch! I'd rather stay home and have lunch!" he said.

So if you're hoping Kyle will make a TV comeback, don't hold your breath!

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