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Kyle Just HUNG UP On Meghan Markle’s Half Sister!

This morning, Kyle and Jackie O spoke to Samantha Grant Markle, the half-sister of Suits star and Prince Harry's rumoured girlfriend, Meghan Markle.

Samantha is releasing what's been described as a tell-all book, rumoured to be named, 'Diary Of A Pushy Princess' Sister'.

Kyle and Jackie took the opportunity to ask Samantha if that was a true title or a working title. She confirmed that it was in fact a working title for the book that she describes as about her life.

However, when Meghan was mentioned, Samantha didn't seem to offer many links between the potential future Princess. 

Then, Jackie addressed it.

“So you will admit that you’re using your sister’s name and her name at the moment to sell this book which isn’t anything to do with your sister really?”

“No, absolutely not. That’s not true, this is my life, this is my personal experience.”

“Well why didn’t you call the book, ‘My Boring Life’? Kyle chimed in.

‘Why’d you bring your sister into it? For the marketing reason?

‘It’s not a boring life. It’s about my experience in the entertainment industry…’

But Kyle had enough.

‘Seeya later, you sound like such a bore. Not interested.’

‘Don’t use your sister’s name to trick media organisations into pushing your shit book.’

‘You’re gone, seeya - bye! What a loser…’

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