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Kyle & Jackie O Get To The Bottom Of The Studio 10 Feud

On the show, Kyle and Jackie O got wind of the feud between two of Australia’s biggest tv personalities; Ita Buttrose and Denise Drysdale. The guys called Ita Buttrose first to get her side of the story but she denied any tension between her and Denise and refused to discuss the brussel sprout incident. 

Jessica Rowe, Joe Hildebrand, Jono Coleman, Sarah Harris, Georgia Love and Richard Reid all failed to answer their calls, but Kyle and Jackie O were adamant to get to the bottom of this rumoured feud. 

Next they called entertainment reported Peter Ford who came to the rescue.

He confirmed that not only is the feud real but the brussel sprout incident also took place. He also said that the matter could be going to court, but gave us some details.

“[Denise] was throwing them at Ita and they were hitting her. She was like pelting her with the brussel sprouts and Ita was suddenly the victim so her friends were saying ‘you gotta go to the police and report it’.”

He also revealed that, “They refuse to talk to each other off air and refuse to sit with each other on air”

In honour of Ita Buttrose and her struggle, we urge people to put their #SproutsOutForIta

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