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Kyle Hears First ‘Trial By Kyle’ Review Live On Air

Kyle is usually the one judging others. Heck he’s even got a TV show coming out solely based around him judging people’s legal situations, Trial By Kyle. But this morning the tables were turned and our shock jock was the one under the hammer.

“A special report from the courtroom,” said Brooklyn during one of his news bulletins this morning. That’s right, the first review for Kyle’s Channel Ten Pilot Week series had dropped and he was about to hear it for the first time live on air.

Straight from the pages of the Daily Telegraph this morning, Brooklyn read word for word the thoughts and feelings that their reporter had while watching Trial By Kyle.

“The headline is, ‘Jury’s Out On Trial By Kyle Being A Saviour’,” said Brooklyn. “For anyone wondering if Australia has the right ingredients for a Judge Judy, Jerry Springer hybrid style show, the defence calls to the stand Trial By Kyle.”

So far so good! The review also gave insight to some of the cases that will be explored in Kyle’s courtroom including a rather nasty battle between Big Brother’s Sky Wheatley and a cosmetic surgeon.

“The loudmouthed breakfast radio host Kyle Sandilands (careful there Telegraph…) gets to play judge and jury to a rag-tag procession of complainants and defendants. Cases range from entitled social media influencer Skye Wheatley fighting a botched boob job to feuding porn stars and down and out best mates quarrelling over cash.”

Well if that juicy stuff doesn’t have you running to your television screen at 8:30pm tomorrow night we don’t know what will!

The review also made mention of the various personalities who join Kyle, including his right hand woman on the show, The Bachelor’s Anna Heinrich, who acts as his “legal professional sidekick”, as well as singer Shannon Noll who gives his expert opinion on mateship and etiquette!

Now the review did question Kyle’s eligibility to make legal decisions in the courtroom, but if you’re wondering if Kyle will be soft on his subjects, this one quote proves that he certainly won’t be!

“This whole review ends on a quote from you Kyle saying to them, ‘You’re horrible, I can’t even stand looking at ya’,” finished Brooklyn.

“Yeah I’d watch it if I was you,” concluded Kyle. (Same Kyle! But we’re not biased at all…)

Watch the video above to hear the full review and see Kyle’s reaction!

Trial By Kyle kicks of on Channel 10 at 8:30pm on Thursday 23rd August.

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