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Kyle Commits To The Paleo Diet For 10 Weeks

For years, people have been trying to get Kyle Sandilands to get fit, to eat right and lose weight, but alas, no-one has been successful…

Jackie took to the airwaves yesterday after Kyle said something to her he hadn’t said in a long, long time; ‘do you know what Jackie, I’m open to the idea of possibly discussing a diet.’

Jackie wasted no time, rounding up some of the most popular, effective diets and presenting them to Kyle - but the thing that resinated most - was the paleo diet.

So today, Paleo Pete Evans came in to present Kyle with a few offerings from the paleo diet; including bangers and mash and pulled pork - he was hooked, line and sinker.

Then, the guys from Men’s Health Magazine, who were responsible for Guy Sebastian’s transformation, called the show - and offered to hook Kyle up with a trainer for 10 weeks and would put him on the front of the magazine, Guy Sebastian-style.

And you know what? He accepted.

Let’s see how he goes - we believe in you Kyle!

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