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KJ's EP Bruno Reveals His Daughter’s First Word Was MURDER!

For most parents it’s a very exciting moment when your child reaches a milestone. We celebrate the first time they sit up, the first time they crawl, the first time stye walk and of course their first words because it is a massive achievement!

But for Kyle and Jackie O’s Executive Producer Bruno it was a bit of a different story when his daughter, who is almost one now, said he first proper word over the weekend. In fact, Bruno and his wife have been left a bit terrified by the incident.

While most parents will hope that their child’s first words will be something adorable like mum or dad, Bruno’s daughter spoke something a tad more morbid…Her first word was ‘Murder’!!

Bruno explained that he had been bathing his daughter when all of a sudden her bubbly attitude seemed to change; as though some sort of darkness had come over her.

And before he knew it, she was looking him dead (probably not the descriptive word to use right about now…) in the eye and said the horrifying word, clear as day!

And well, Bruno and his wife were pretty rattled to say the least! Hear him explain how the incident took place in the video above.

Have you had a similar experience with your child doing something extremely creepy? Let us know in the comments!

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