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DEA Agents On Taking Down Colombian Drug Lord Pablo Escobar

The story of Colombian drug lord and narco-terrorist Pablo Escobar is infamous.

Even if you don’t know all of the details surrounding his organisation, we have no doubt that you’ve at least heard of him and would know that he was a pretty terrifying criminal who was behind a majority of cocaine distribution in the US.

At one stage, he was the world’s most wanted criminal, however, in 1993 this all came to an end when he was shot and killed during a shoot out with police in his hometown in Colombia following a major investigation led by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA).

Special Agents Steve Murphy and javier pena Detail The Moment Colombian Drug Lord Pablo Escobar Ws Shot Dead

The story of Pablo and how he was eventually brought down became so famous that it was eventually made into a Netflix series, Narcos.

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Two characters represented in this show, DEA special agents Javier Pena and Steve Murphy, were the lead investigators targeting Escobar and his cartel.

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This morning, they both spoke with Kyle and Jackie O ahead of their speaking tour ‘A Conversation on Narcos with Steve Murphy & Javier Pena’, when they detailed their time working on this case and the efforts that led to the take down of the terrifying criminal.

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Anyone would assume that you would have concerns for your own safety when being tasked with taking down the world’s first narcoterrorist but Steve and Javier told us that they felt excited more than anything at the thought of bringing him to justice.

“It was exciting, and you know this was the world’s largest, biggest narcotrafficker, killed a lot of people, so to me it was a challenge and it was great and it was a part of history," they told us.

Not only was he dangerous but Pablo was actually one of the world’s richest criminals due to the fact that his work in drug trafficking stretched far and wide.

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When we asked just how much cocaine he would have been moving on a daily basis, Steve and Javier told us that he was basically in charge of all of it.

“All of it,” they said. “He was responsible for 80 per cent of the world’s cocaine.”

So what led to his downfall? Steve and Javir detailed the moment that the drug lord was discovered by police, leading to a shoot out.

However, despite doing the initial research, they said that they didn’t actually get to be there at the moment that he was captured and taken down.

“The Colombian National Police found him on December 2nd 1993, and if you watch Narcos it shows that I was on the roof during that shoot out with Pablo Escobar,” they explained.

“This is not something we talk about publicly but that’s not true. I was not there. It was a Colombian national police operation.

“They find him, they identified the place we were staying, they’re the ones who conducted the operation, they’re the ones who were involved in the shoot out and they’re the ones who took care of business that day.”

Steve and Javier continued to tell us that they felt disappointed that they weren’t the ones to physically take Pablo down after they had spent so much time tracking him, but they said overall they were satisfied that the job was done.

“We spent a lot of time, but you know what, we all contributed and at the end a very bad person who killed thousands and thousands of innocent people, a lot of them were friends of ours he killed, at the end he came down which was the rewarding part,” the pair explained.

“When he was dead, we felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off our shoulders,” they continued.

Listen to the rest of Steve Murphy and Javier Pena’s interview with Kyle and Jackie O in the video above!

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