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Kyle & Jackie O Somehow Got Sophie & Stu BOTH On The Radio!

Ever since news of Sophie Monk and Stu Laundy’s split was announced via Sophie’s instagram, they’ve been avoiding media like the plague.

With everybody vying to speak to them, they’ve sort of gone into hiding - understandably!

However, Kyle was desperate to get to the bottom of why they split, so got Stu on the phone.

Stu opened up about many aspects of the split, explaining that the scrutiny was a big factor for them, and caused them to argue.

He also explained that he was ‘pretty transparent about it, but he has an ex wife that was the absolute love of his life… and finding a girl after that was always going to be tough.’

He also revealed that he hadn’t found out the relationship was over until he saw Sophie’s Instagram post. Well, Kyle needed to set the record straight.

He called Sophie, who is currently in Canada, and had the pair of them on the line - it was certainly awkward, to say the least.

But Sophie was a champ. She was thinking of Stu the entire time, making sure he was comfortable with the chat.

Though there have been countless rumours about what broke them up; from Sophie’s ‘partying’ ways, Stu’s stints going missing for days on end, the fights, I could go on… the one thing they agreed on was the scrutiny.

‘We’d hear things about us from the press and then fight about them’, Sophie said.

At the end of the day, both Stu and Soph - with the help of Kyle and Jackie O’s counselling, didn’t say no to sex with the ex, or the potential for a rekindling - and they did agree that they made each other laugh - and would probably stay great mates.

We wish them both the very best!

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