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Campaign Launched For Jackie To Run For Parliament

Kyle and Jackie O’s Gutter Politics host Sam Dastyari has been working hard since his last appearance on the show! You might remember two weeks ago that Sam toyed with the idea of whether Kyle or Jackie could possibly run for parliament.

And after vetting both of them to see whether they would make could candidates, he decided to go out into the streets and check out their popularity in a poll. Today he revealed the results from this.

Jackie O’s Campaign For Parliament Gets Shut Down By Police

“Two weeks ago we did a segment we we kind of did a background check on the two of you,” began Dastyari. “I need to know whether you’re likeable. I need to know whether people would vote for you. I need to know if people are prepared to invest in you.

“And so we said we’re going to do something that’s never been done before on Australian radio. We’re going to take two radio show hosts and we’re going to subject them to polling.”

And so Sam decided to poll 1100 people from across Sydney in a phone poll to see what their opinions were of both Kyle and Jackie, asking questions like, ‘If they were a car, what car would they be?’ and ‘Would you like to spend time with Kyle and Jackie?’.

But the most important question: How favourable are Kyle and Jackie in the public eye?

As we kind of expected, Kyle’s results were pretty dismal…But on the complete opposite spectrum, Jackie’s results were even BETTER than our current PM’s!

“Jackie has a favourable of 66 and a negative of 34. You have a positive of 32,” revealed Sam. “That is three times the Prime Minister. They are unheard of good numbers.”

And well, due to the surprisingly good numbers, Sam Dastyari decided to go a bit rogue and launch a campaign for Jackie to ACTUALLY run for parliament! He even made the campaign posters!


“But with these numbers, we can quit today, Beau’s outside he can fill in permanently…we will get you elected on these numbers, without a doubt,” said Sam. “You’d be a politician, we’d get you elected to parliament.”

“We have an entire campaign ready to go,” he continued.

Unbeknownst to Jackie, Sam actually had Intern Pete at the ready out the front of Kirribilli house where our current PM Scott Morrison lives to proudly display the posters and let him know that some new competition has entered the market.

But unfortunately this didn’t last long…Before we knew it the police were on site and Intern Pete was at it again, getting in trouble.

Looks like this campaign ended just as quickly as it began!

Watch the whole thing take place in the video above!

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