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Pauline Hanson Says One Nation Is Being Targeted

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation party has been caught up in a whirlwind of scandal this morning after footage was exposed of a candidate from the party acting inappropriately at a strip club in the United States.

The now former Queensland leader for One Nation, Steve Dickson, was exposed on A Current Affair last night groping a dancer and making offensive comments in secret recordings from news network Al Jazeera.

Since the footage was broadcast, Mr Dickson has resigned from the party and leader Pauline Hanson has condemned his behaviour in a press conference, saying that voters deserved better.

Hanson reiterated this while speaking on air with Kyle and Jackie O this morning. She said that it wasn’t the fact that Mr Dickson had been to a strip club, because this is something that is legal. But it was his behaviour that she thought was disgraceful.

“It is the language and what he said…and I just think it’s unacceptable,” Pauline told us.

“When you’re running for parliament, people have an expectation of those running for parliament and I have the same expectations.”

The footage in question showed Mr Dickson cavorting with strippers and even saying, “I’ve done more Asian than I know what to do with”.

“I apologise to people out there about Steve’s behaviour. I’m not going to judge him any further. That’s his matter with his wife,” she continued.

While Pauline admitted that she would not put up with this type of behaviour from one of he candidates, she did say that she felt like exposing the secret recordings was a personal attack on her political party and claimed it was a deliberate attempt to take One Nation down before the election.

“It just seems that One Nation seems to be the party that they like to target overtime prior to an election,” she claimed.

“Remember years ago they brought out, it was proposed to be the nude shots of me one week before the election? And it was in the media all week. It wasn’t me. It was a lookalike.

“It wasn’t until quarter to six on election night that Neil Green came out and said no it’s not you. So they do this to me overtime to target me.”

Pauline went on to say that she hoped that voters would not let this scandal affect their opinion of the One Nation party as a whole.

But she continued to say that she felt that “they want to get rid of [her]” because of her controversial opinions on certain topics such as immigration.

“It’s all about getting rid of One Nation. I hope people see through this. I really do.”

Mr Dickson's name will still appear on the upper house ballot paper for the vote on May 18, but Senator Hanson said voters would know he no longer represents One Nation.

Earlier, Mr Dickson issued a statement saying he was very upset with himself.

"I found the footage difficult to watch as my words and actions under intoxication and in that environment, are not a true reflection of myself," he said.

He said he told his wife about his strip club visit the next day, telling her he had "too many drinks and little recollection" of what went on.

"The footage shown does not reflect the person I am. It shows a person who was drunk and not in control of his actions and I take full responsibility for allowing that to happen."

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