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Inside Dan Bilzerian’s Salacious Halloween Party

All week we’ve been talking about Kyle and Imogen’s infamous Halloween parties and how some dedicated listeners will actually have the chance to win an invite to the exclusive event this year.

But this morning it was a different Halloween party up for discussion as our resident celebrity party insider Kaitlyn Isham called up to give us the inside goss on a bash that was definitely more sexual than spooky.

You might remember Kaitlyn from the last time she was on air with Kyle and Jackie O as she explained that she managed to work her way into one of Dan Bilzerian’s infamously lavish parties.

Party Girl Kaitlyn Gives Kyle And Jackie O The Inside Scoop On Dan Bilzerian’s Salacious Halloween Party

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After party

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Well when she spoke to us again this morning, Kaitlyn said that after hanging out with the American internet personality, famous for his playboy lifestyle, at his last shindig, she’s now got an open invitation to all of his parties for life! And yep that included his Halloween party over the weekend!

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We own Halloween @ignite

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Kyle and Jackie O listeners heard the inside scoop from Kaitlyn this morning as she described what it was like being at the themed event. And just the costumes that people wore alone makes it sound unlike any Halloween party we’ve ever seen!

“Oh my God, Dan’s last Halloween party was EPIC!” began Kaitlyn. “There was a guy dressed as a bong and you could smoke right out of him. Another dude was walking around with an erect penis and there were just celebrities up the wazoo. I had a great time.”

While a bunch of different celebrities have been photographed hanging out with Dan Bilzerian in the past, Kaitlyn told us that the main celebs in attendance on this night were rappers.

“Ludacris was there, I love Luda,” she continued. “Machine Gun Kelly…Just a lot of famous rappers and there was a mermaid swimming in the pool, I mean, it was just unbelievable guys. I can’t even put it into words.”

We know that Kaitlyn had to send some pretty seductive photos of herself to the host in order to get into her first Dan Bilzerian party, but as for this one she told us that she’s now on an exclusive list!

“I am on the list for life. I’ve made it.”

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My future baby daddy ❤️😂 @danbilzerian @dailymail #kingofinstagram #soulmates #sorrymetoo #lookatmylife #humbleaf

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Kaitlyn was a bit devastated that she didn’t actually get to hang out with Dan at this particular party, but she did meet another man that she says was practically the Aussie version of him. And the story of how they met exactly is so insane it’s unlike any meet-cute you’ve ever heard before!

Find out how exactly Kaitlyn met her mystery man and hear her whole rant about the awesome party in the video above!

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