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Manu Feildel Was Almost Replaced On My Kitchen Rules

If you ask us, one of the biggest draw cards for Channel Seven’s cooking show My Kitchen Rules is celebrity chef Manu Feildel and his heart-melting French accent.

But it turns out, this is the exact same thing that almost got him FIRED from the gig!

Manu joined Kyle and Jackie O on air this morning to chat about the premier of the show’s tenth season which kicks off next Monday when he revealed the bombshell.

Jackie was asking Manu about the very first season of MKR and how she had heard a rumour that initially producers were looking at casting Pete Evans and a woman as the show’s judges.

“When you guys first started and you and Pete were paired together, I did hear that initially it was Pete and a woman and then they were like, ’Nope’,” Jackie said.

Manu said that she was kind of correct but also added that this was only because they were considering firing him from the gig!

“Well initially it was me and a woman and then I got kicked out,” he said.

And why did he almost get the shaft?

“Because I had a French accent,” Manu revealed.

Thankfully though this didn’t really happen and ten great seasons later we’re still watching the dynamic duo of Pete and Manu on the cooking competition. And apparently it was all thanks to a request from Pete!

“Pete came in and Pete said to production, ‘Do you know Manu Feidel? I think we could be working very well together’,” he continued. “And the rest was history.”

The tenth season of My Kitchen Rules starts on Monday January 28 on Channel Seven!

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