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Listeners Catch Jackie Being Pulled Over By Police

There really is no hiding when you’re famous and our very own Jackie O learnt that the hard way this morning when she was dobbed in for something rather embarrassing live on air this morning.

Every morning on the Kyle and Jackie O show we take calls from our listeners to give them the opportunity to voice their opinion on pretty much anything.

Typically our callers might ask Kyle and Jackie for advice, ask them a question or get their opinion on a popular topic. But this morning during first calls, it just so happened that Jackie herself was the topic of discussion.

Kyle and jackie o show Listeners Catch Out Jackie Being Pulled Over By Police

“Yesterday I just noticed Jackie being pulled over by the police,” said caller Ralph.

“Are you the guy that dobbed me into Gordie?” asked Jackie.

Yep as it turned out Ralph had actually called up the station yesterday right at the exact moment that he saw Jackie on the side of the road with a cop car.

And apparently he wasn’t the only one! Three people actually called the station yesterday to tattle on Jacks.

“Oh my god I died, I was listening like after it happened and you’re calling through to the radio station,” Jackie continued.

“And I thought geese you can’t get away with anything and you weren’t the only one that called through apparently, Ralph. I had like three different listeners dob me in for being pulled over by the cops.”

But instead of being annoyed about the tattle tales, Jackie was a pretty good sport about it and she laughed it off went before going on to explain the situation.

When Ralph originally spoke with Gordie, he said that Jackie had been taking a breathalyser. Jackie went on to explain that she keeps getting pulled over for random breath tests and she can’t work out why.

“They put me on the breathalyser…and I got pulled over the day before and had a breathalyser as well. That’s two days in a row,” Jackie explained. “By the way, I read completely clear, nothing there.”

Another caller thought he had the answer. Roger’s theory was that Jackie is being pulled over more often now because she’s, and this is a direct quote, “hot and single now”.

Well, we guess that’s always a possibility!

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