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Listener Frank Dumped His Date For The Worst Reason

Kyle and Jackie O often play the part of an informal therapist to our listeners as we usually get people calling up to ask for advice live on air.

But today their therapy sesh went to a whole new level as they had to play the role of moral compass for a guy who had done something pretty terrible while on a date.

Listener Frank got on the phone to explain his situation to Kyle and Jackie and to ask them whether or not he was going to hell for the thing that he ended up doing.

Frank had met a guy on Grindr and the pair decided to meet up in person. But this is when everything went wrong…Oh so very wrong…

“I’ve had a big moral dilemma this week,” began Frank. Have you heard of the term catfish? Well now I’m going to introduce the term stumpfish.”

Now when Frank first mentioned the term that he had coined, we were confused as to what on earth he meant. But once you hear what exactly he did to this poor guy, you’ll understand and you’ll probably want to rinse yourself in holy water because you’ll feel terrible for laughing at it.

Basically we were divided. Jackie thought for sure that what Frank did was unforgivable and he was definitely going straight to hell. Kyle on the other hand wasn’t so quick to judge, and he opened up the lines to our listeners to get their opinion.

Find out just what Frank did that made him question where he’ll end up in the after life in the video above! And you can decided for yourself whether you think he’s headed for hell.

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