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Kyle’s Terrifying Experience As A Private Investigator

He’s now known as Kyle Sandilands, shock jock and radio king but in the past he may have been more commonly referred to as Kyle Sandilands, Private Investigator!

As you would probably know, recently we’ve been running a segment on the Kyle and Jackie O show to help people uncover their various mysteries by putting our KIIS PI on the case.

But something you might not know is that our very own Kyle used to be a PI himself! And it turns out it was a pretty dangerous job at times!

As we introduced another case for our KIIS PI this morning, Jackie brought up the fact that Kyle had his own experience in this area.

“You were a PI once Kyle weren’t you?” Jackie asked.

“Yeah I owned a private investigator company,” Kyle replied.

While Jackie thought that our own KIIS PI, Natalia, had a very interesting job, she claimed that Kyle’s experience in the investigation business was kind of boring.

But Kyle begged to differ! In fact, he had a pretty terrifying story from one of his days out in the field.

“The reason, when I realised that this isn’t for me is when I was sitting up on a rock ledge, spying and filming someone in a property, and someone put a double barrel shot gun on the back of my head,” Kyle revealed.

“And I thought, okay, okay, this maybe isn’t for me.

“I looked around and I thought, it’s only me and this crazy guy with a shotgun here. I’m finished,” he continued.

Our KIIS PI Natalia went on to explain that it is a pretty dangerous gig.

“Yeah, I’ve been threatened at times,” she said. “We’re not invisible, we only do the best that we can. Like if you’re following someone six hours a day, every single day, they’re going to get a little suspicious of you.”

Yeah we don’t think Kyle will head back into that line of work anytime soon! Much more safe behind the golden microphone.

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