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Kyle Looking For Cases For Trial By Kyle


Last year our very own shock jock Kyle made his return to the big screen during the pilot episode of his new series ‘Trial By Kyle’.

The show began as part of Network Ten’s pilot week - which saw a bunch of shows put head to head to see which one’s the people at home wanted to see the most.

Following a successful premiere, Kyle’s show was picked up by the network and as he prepares his courtroom for the first season, the casting for various cases has officially begun!

“I’ve been procrastinating on it because that just means more work for me but now I’ve got an email that’s come through from the producers, they wanted me to use the radio show to put out an announcement about casting people to be on it,” Kyle announced this morning.

“What we’re looking for, if you’ve got an issue or an argument with a relative, partner or anyone, and you need me to judge on it,” he continued.

In case you missed the pilot, and really if you did then you’re clearly not a true KJ fan, Kyle acts as the judge and takes on various petty cases, disputes and arguments in his courtroom.

After hearing statements and looking over the evidence, Kyle will make a judgement. And his ruling is final!

The cases really could be ANYTHING! In the pilot series we saw all sorts of crazy things like MAFS star Nasser go head to head with a pap and even two strippers arguing over a client.

“It doesn’t matter what the situation is or who the person is that you want to take to court, bring them on the show!” Kyle said.

So if you have a crazy situation that you need sorted out, then look no further than Kyle’s courtroom!

Trial By Kyle is casting NOW for season one! All you need to do to register is head to and fill in the form!

Trial By Kyle returns to Channel Ten soon!

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