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We Attempt To Track Down A Listener’s Missing Siblings

Tracking down a listener’s secret siblings? This sounds like a case for the KIIS PI!

Kyle and Jackie O’s Private Investigator continues with a brand new case today that could possibly and HOPEFULLY reunite a family!

Listener Kylie called in today to ask for our help. She’s always suspected that her father had two other children before her, but she’s never been able to actually uncover the truth.

Kylie told us on the air this morning that there was a rumour amongst her family that her father, who has sadly passed away, had a boy and a girl with another woman before he married Kylie’s mother.

Rumour had it that this mother took off with the kids while they were still young, and Kylie’s father never heard from them again.

While Kylie was never able to get her father to officially confirm whether the rumour was true or not, her mother did make mention of two names that could possibly be the secret siblings - Laree and Lee.

And based off this limited information alone, Kylie is hoping that our KIIS PI Natalia would be able to find out more information, and if these siblings truly exist, she hoped that Natalia would be able to track them down!

Will we be able to reunite a family? Or does this secret family even exist? Find out TOMORROW after 7AM when our KIIS PI reveals her results to Kylie live on air.

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