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Jackie Calls A Catfisher To Catch Out A Scam

Yesterday we introduced listener Kristy to our KIIS PI in order to find out if she was being catfished by a man who told her that he was in love with her.

Kristy first came to us after she’d been speaking to a guy online, who told her he was deployed with the US marines overseas, for a couple of months now.

He told her that he would move over to Australia to be with her later this year because he didn’t have any family of his own.

But Kristy began to get suspicious after he refused to FaceTime with her and began to ask her for money and her bank account details.

To help find out the truth behind this mystery man, we put our KIIS PI on the case who spent the last 24 hours trying to find out more information about him to get to the bottom of it.

This morning, she joined us in studio to reveal her findings to us and Kristy - and in short, Kristy is 100% being scammed.

This is what our Private Investigator uncovered:

- He lied about his family - the scammer told Kristy that his parents had died and he had no siblings. However, our PI found out that he actually did have a mother and two brothers.

- He told Kristy that he had a son and this turned out to be true but he had used a fake name for the son.

- He also told Kristy that his son’s mother wasn’t in their life anymore, but our PI uncovered that the man in question is actually still married to his son’s mother.

- He lied about both his first name and last name

- Not to mention it’s very suspicious that he would ask for money and bank account details

And all of this leads up to a definite catfishing situation in our PI’s book!

“We believe that this is a possible either Nigerian scammer or some sort of Asian-Pacific scammer,” our PI said. “This is a professional.”

Knowing that this was in fact a scam, Jackie decided that she would try and call the number that the man had given to Kristy to try and catch him out.

What happened when someone answered the phone was kind of shocking and found out that this guy has actually scammed more than just Kristy.

You can listen to this call in the video above!

Luckily, Kristy had decided not to send any money or bank details to the scammer at this point, and she certainly won’t be doing so after finding out what’s really going on here.

But it’s definitely scary to think that this happens to people all the time and some don’t come out of it unscathed.

Looks like it’s definitely a lesson to be careful who you’re talking to online! You never know what secrets they could be hiding.

Got a case for our PI? You can send us your entry here!


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