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Our KIIS PI Investigates A Possible Catfish Situation

Looks like we’ve got a bit of a mystery on our hands… But never fear! The KIIS PI is on the case!

Kyle and Jackie O brought back their private investigator this morning in order to help one of our listeners who needed some help in finding answers about her dating life.

This morning we introduced the listener, 41-year-old Kristy, to our personal investigator because she’s suspicious about a guy she’s been speaking to recently online and wants to know if there’s any possibility that she’s being catfishes.

Here are the facts:

- Kristy met her lover online a few months ago during a time when she says she was feeling a bit down about her relationships and love in general

- He has told her that he 39-years-old and is a US marine

- The man has sent Kristy a few photos of himself but every time she asks to FaceTime he says he can’t because he’s currently deployed and has his camera blocked on his phone

- He has told Kristy he will come to Australia in December when he finishes his deployment

- The third week in to speaking with each other, he told Kristy that he loved her

- He says he has a son and is looking for a full-time partner to help look after his child

Kristy told us this morning that she started getting suspicious that something else might be going on here because he seems way too good to be true seeing as he’s good looking, says he’s in love with her and is willing to move across the country to be with her after such a short period of time.

Jackie then asked Kristy if the man had pulled a typical catfishing trick and asked her for any money.

“He did ask me for money at one stage but now he’s asking me for help with putting his money into my account so I can send it to him because apparently there’s a hold on it because there was some big explosion over there and they can’t get access to their money," she told us.

We then connected our KIIS PI Natalia with Kristy so that she could begin an investigation.

“It does sound a little bit suspicious,” our PI said. “It’s just so easy to manipulate people online.”

So is Kristy being catfished? Now it’s up to our PI to find out!

Tune in to the Kyle and Jackie O Show tomorrow morning to find out the results!


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