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Justin Lacko’s Feud With The I'm A Celeb Cast

While it appeared that everyone was friends while they were in the I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! jungle, it seems that it’s a bit of a different story now that they’re all home and in their normal lives.

At least this seems to be the case for one of this season’s favourite contestants Justin Lacko!

Justin joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning following his time in on the reality TV series when he revealed his secret feud with a number of cast mates.

It all came about when Jackie mentioned that other contestants had accused Justin of blocking them on social media and leaving the group chat that they all have.

“We’ve spoken to a few of the guys since, Luke Jacobz, Sam Dastyari, Richard Reid and they said that you’ve been blocking the contestants on Instagram and you’ve left the group chat,” said Jackie. “What’s going on there?”

“I just kind of feel like, you know, I’ve spent my time in the jungle with them and I think some of them aren’t really who they are,” Justin explained.

“I think they actually have had a career in acting or presenting or just being in the spotlight so I don’t necessarily think that they’re genuine people.”

Justin told us that he doesn’t feel the need to stay friends with people that he sees as being quite fake.

“I don’t want to be having a relationship with people who I don’t know,” Justin continued.

“When you have everyone on there and then you come out and then everyone’s saying, ‘Oh Justin this and Justin that and he’s childish and immature or he’s very shallow’, you know it’s like cool, I’m not standing in front of you pointing out your flaws.

“Why do I really want to associate with people like that? I think, best of luck to them in life, but block, unfollow, whatever.”

While Justin didn’t remain friends with the majority of the cast it seems, he had nothing but kind words to say about his “best friend” in the jungle, and winner of the competition, Richard Reid.

“He’s an amazing guy. He became my best friend,” Justin said. “He’s got a kind heart… He’s not a typical guy where everyone kind of judges.”

So what’s next for Justin after his time in the jungle? Justin gave us an update on his attempt to become the next Australian Bachelor.

“I did apply right before I actually went into the jungle,” Justin said. “It’s something I would probably like to do.”

But no word yet on whether he’s actually been cast yet! We’ll have to just wait and see on that one.

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