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A Debate About Jaywalking Leaves Jackie Red-Faced

Have you ever had one of those moments in your life when you’ve thought something was right your entire life, only to find out later that you’ve been wrong your ENTIRE LIFE!

Well if you have, you’d know that it’s rather embarrassing. Especially when someone catches you out for it.

This is what happened to our dear old Jackie this morning. Except it wasn’t just one person that heard her mistake. It was all of Sydney seeing as the moment of realisation happened LIVE on our radio show.

It all came about during first calls when one listener wanted to talk about the fact that NSW police have been out in force fining people $75 for jaywalking.

Now while a lot of people might be surprised to find out that you can cop a legitimate fine for something we thought was rather innocent, this isn’t the thing that surprised Jackie.

No, Jackie was surprised to find out that the thing she thought was jaywalking was completely and utterly wrong.

“Jaywalking is crossing on a red light or not crossing on a zebra crossing,” Kyle said during the discussion.

“No, jaywalking is going on a diagonal,” Jackie said confidently.

“No,” Kyle shut her down.

“Yeah! You’re not walking in a straight line!”

“Oh you think it’s in the shape of a ‘J’ you poor thing,” Kyle said shaking his head.

Oh gosh this is almost as bad as the time Jackie thought he brain was on the left side of her head…

Luckily we had a ranger call up who was kind enough to inform Jackie on what jaywalking really is.

“You’re 100% wrong darling,” ranger Anthony said to Jackie. “Kyle, you are right… Basically what it is, at a set of lights, green man you can walk, red man means no walk.”

Listen to the hilarious moment of realisation in the video above!

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