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Jamie Lee Curtis Met Russell Crowe At Crowded House Concert

Jamie Lee Curtis is seriously the definition of Hollywood Royalty and it’s no wonder that after the time she’s spent in the world of acting she’s got some pretty interesting stories to tell.

While joining Kyle and Jackie O in the studio this morning, Jamie shared a number of these stories, including one about the time that she met Aussie actor Russell Crowe.

Jamie Lee Curtis Told Jackie O About The Time She Met Russell Crowe

And it’s seriously so unbelieveable that it’s like something out of a rom-com movie, when the two main characters meet for the first time right before they fall madly in love. 

“Okay can I tell you my Russell Crowe story?” she asked before diving right in.

“So I’m a big fan of Crowded House…They had an album called Finn and they played at the John Anson Ford theatre and I went to the concert,” continued Curtis.

“And at the end the people I got the tickets through said, ‘At the end, go down to the end of the stage and there’s going to be a little party after.”

Being a massive fan of the Crowded House music, Jamie said that she decided to go, but when she made her way to the end of the stage she couldn’t work out how to get up to the party which was on the level about 10 feet above her.

It was like dangling candy in front of a child! Jamie could see the party happening right before her eyes but couldn’t find any stairs or anyway to actually get up to it!

But then suddenly, a handsome Aussie man came to her rescue. And who did it just so happen to be? None other than Russell Crowe!

“All of a sudden this hand appears and I hear a voice say, ‘Hey mate, give me your hand’, and I look up and it was Russell Crowe and he was extending his hand and I grabbed his hand and then like stepped on the side of a wall and he pulled me up.”

See what we mean? Just like something out of a movie! Jamie said that she instantly turned mushy in front of Russell after he used his muscles to literally lift her into the party.

“I remember just sort of like looking up at him going like, ‘Oh heeeeey. Thaaaanks’,” she gushed. “And that was like my Russell Crowe moment.

What a freaking amazing story! This is literally like on par with the infamous Courtney Cox Dancing in the Dark moment!

At the very least it's a LOT better than the time Jackie met Russell Crowe and she completely embarrassed herself… Hear Jackie’s story in the video above!

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