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Did ScoMo Sh*t His Pants At Maccas? Kyle Investigates

You won’t often hear Kyle talking about our current Prime Minister on the Kyle and Jackie O show.

Ever since PM Scott Morrison refused to come on to chat to the guys and put a media blackout on us, Kyle has made it quite clear that he’s not ScoMo’s biggest fan.

And so you know that when Kyle does bring up Mr Morrison that it must be for a pretty important reason, like what went down live on air this morning. And just a warning for any political junkies out there, things are about to get pretty low-brow from here on out…

Overnight, some pretty crazy and well, downright disgusting claims have risen on Twitter about the PM, alleging that after his NRL team, the Cronulla Sharks, lost the 1997 Grand Final, he erm, how do we put this lightly, violently sh*t his pants at the Maccas in Engadine.

Of course it sounds ridiculous. Completely full of sh*t even, pardon the pun. But pretty quickly more and more people came forward with evidence claiming the sh*t story to be true.

“This isn’t a set up. This has come to me. I didn’t make this up,” Kyle explained to our listeners.

“According to reports, Prime Minister Scott Morrison back in 1997 after the Sharks Grand final loss, violently shat his pants at the Engadine Mcdonalds… Someone rang and told us about it and there’s stuff all over twitter.”

And so Kyle, being the responsible media personality that he is, decided to get to the bottom (we can’t stop) of it, and launched a deep dive investigation into the poop-incident to find out whether or not this actually happened.

“If this is true, if anyone knows anything about it, make contact with me,” Kyle continued.

Here’s what we managed to find out:

1. First and foremost, this is what people have been writing on Twitter about the topic

The story reportedly originated from a Tweet on August 24th last year, right after Scott Morrison became PM of Australia, written by Sydney-based hip hop artist Joyride.

For reasons unknown, the topic has resurfaced in the past couple of days and is now trending on Social Media, with people adding in their two cents and saying what they know about the alleged incident.

2. One caller, Wade from Greystanes told us he could back up the story and even claimed that after the incident, Engadine Maccas had a special way of commemorating the incident.

Wade told Kyle and Jackie O that he used to live near Engadine and that if you went to the Mcdonald’s in question, you could score yourself a free item just by mentioning Scot Morrison’s name.

“I used to live near Engadine right, and I used to go through the drive through and all that, and all you had to say was ScoMo ’97 and you used to get a free soft serve and a clap,” Wade claimed.

“It’s true,” Wade alleged. “They made a burger after him. It was oreos and hot fudge on a bun.”

“That’s not true!” Kyle laughed.

Yeah we reckon that second part HAS to be a sick joke, but regardless, it certainly paints a picture we didn’t really need…

3. We next got our political insider on the phone, former senator Sam Dastyari, to find out whether he had heard about the incident.

“This is a known story, this is a story that’s been doing the rounds for years,” Sam claimed.

“1997, Grand Final, Sharks lost I believe… And I figure he’s had a fair bit to drink, he went to Engadine Maccas and he shat his pants,” he continued to allege. “Only in Australia.”

Dastyari said that ScoMo hasn’t necessarily addressed the incident, but he has been asked about it before.

“He gets heckled about it a lot,” he claimed before saying this is likely to worsen when Mr Morrison hands down the budget next Tuesday.

“People yell it out to him on the streets. This is like Engadine folklore.”

4. As a Media organisation, we are able to write a letter to the PM’s office and they then have an obligation to respond.

And so Kyle’s next step was to get Intern Pete to write up a letter asking about the Engadine incident.

“Here’s the letter I got Intern Pete to write,” Kyle said, before reading it out word for word.

“We are requesting a statement from the Prime Minister Scott Morrison in regards to the 1997 incident, where he allegedly shat himself at the Engadine Mcdonalds,” Kyle read.

“The story is currently trending and we are hoping to get a response if this is true or a false claim.”

The letter then recounted the times that Kyle and Jackie have experienced poop incidents to make ScoMo feel more comfortable…

“Earlier this morning, Kyle even admitted that he himself had sharted twice on separate occasions. Jackie has also had a sharting incident, when she had to pull over in Rose Bay and did a full deification on the street. So they feel ScoMo’s pain.

“In close, would it be possible to get this confirmed in the next few minutes if possible. We will also allow the PM to come on and confirm or deny this personally if you want.”

Unsurprisingly, we are still awaiting a response.

5. In a final play to get some first hand information, Kyle decided to call up Engadine Maccas and ask if they could shed some light on the alleged incident.

Unfortunately, the employee who answered the phone said they had only been working there for a few years and wasn’t aware about the allegations.

He also said that there wasn’t really any employees currently working there who would’ve been working back in 1997. So no answers there.

But we wonder if maybe all the employees at Engadine Maccas were forced to keep quiet by ScoMo’s PR team? Who knows…

After all that work, we couldn’t really come a definitive answer here. But Sam Dastyari put it best:

“It doesn’t matter whether it’s true or not. It’s 2019. If the internet says, the Prime Minister shat himself at Engadine Maccas, he shat himself at Engadine Maccas,” Sam said.

Got any exclusive info on this alleged incident? Send us a message now!

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