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Kyle & Jackie O Pull Off Only Lying On Ray Hadley

We’ve been teasing this as a special Only Lying prank call on an unsuspecting celebrity and that’s exactly what we delivered this morning when Kyle and Jackie O pulled one over on fellow radio jock Ray Hadley.

And it’s fairly safe to say that he didn’t appreciate it. In fact, he ended up calling Kyle a “dick head” live on the air! This is how it all went down.

To pull off this prank Kyle and Jackie O enlisted the help of Ray’s Daughter Sarah Hadley and asked her to come up with a scenario that would get her dad riled up.

She was immediately keen to participate, telling us that she often does crazy things just to get a funny reaction out of her father.

“I love getting him cranky to be honest,” Sarah explained. “Well earlier this week I actually bought a goat because we live on property and I bought a goat just to piss him off.”

However this time round Sarah was going to tell her dad that she had done something a little bit more simple. And clearly she knows her dad very well because her plan worked an absolute treat!

Sarah told Ray something that would get any father annoyed at their daughter - that she had been caught speeding in a road work zone and had lost her license.

But clearly Sarah’s driving has been an issue between the pair in the past, because as soon as she started telling the story and pleaded with her dad not to get too angry, he said, “Oh no, not again!”

Ray didn’t start screaming and shouting. In fact, it was much worse. You know that quiet but intimidating voice that dads seem to do so well whenever they get mad at their children? This is how Ray reacted.

If things weren’t bad enough already, Sarah then continued her rouse to tell Ray that she had attempted to get out of the fine by flirting with the police officer. But it didn’t work! And now he had to come and pick her up.

Ray was left almost speechless, but after finding his words, he immediately began coming up with her punishment. Ray told his 21-year-old daughter that she’d have to get a bike or walk to get to work and that she wouldn’t be leaving the house for a very long time.

“I tell you what young lady, you’ll be walking a lot more in the future,” he said. “You’ll be lucky to get out of the house for the rest of your life…I love you but fair dinkum.”

But while Ray was completely horrified at what his daughter had done, it wasn’t just her that he was worried about. After all, he is a respected and well known person in the community and so he was immediately concerned about what the media would do when they found out.

“If I pick up the paper tomorrow and my name’s in the paper because of this I’m going to have the shits big time I can tell you,” he said.

Thankfully for Ray, Kyle and Jackie O piped up at this point to tell him that his daughter hadn’t lost her license and that this was all a joke. But despite the relief he was feeling about this all being a a gee up, he was still pretty pissed off.

“Listen, I’ll excuse you for this Jackie but Kyle you’re a dick head,” said Ray. “I’m sitting here getting my blood pressure up, trying to get someone to get to her, and now I find out it’s a gee up.”

“You still there Sarah? Wait till I get home!”

At this point, Sarah decided to throw one more dig in at her father. As she said, she just loves to rile him up.

“Dad, you’re a D-grade celebrity. Relax!” she laughed.

We seriously LOVE the relationship these two have! Maybe we’ll have to make this a regular segment?

Listen to the whole thing go down here! 

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