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Bronson & Sam Respond To MAFS Wife Swap Rumours

On the last season of Married At First Sight we had so much wife swapping that it was hard to keep up in the end.

It all kicked off with the whole Dean, Tracey and Davina love triangle before Tracey dumped old Deano for Sean. Then Troy jumped on board and ditched his bride Ashley for Carly. Seriously, it was a mess!

And well, by the sounds of things, this season of MAFS might just be about to head down a similar path. We’ve heard some rumours going around that one of our grooms, Sam Ball cheats on his blonde bombshell wife Elizabeth with fellow cast member Ines Basic, who is currently paired with Bronson Norrish.

And TBH they’re not hard to believe. So far, Sam has gone A-Wall on his wife Elizabeth following their wedding day after being called to a funeral in New Zealand. He hasn’t so much as contacted Lizzie for days now.

It was obvious from the get go that Sam wasn’t too keen on Elizabeth after he body shamed her numerous times and said he wasn’t used to dating a woman as “big” as her, so we wouldn’t be too surprised if he started looking elsewhere.

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Getting to know my new wife, Elizabeth... Her eyes are staring into my soul. #MAFS

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Insiders have told the Daily Mail Australia that the tradie allegedly walks out of the experiment three weeks in after regretting his decision to appear on the show at all.

They continued to say that Sam wanted to ditch Elizabeth as soon as they were matched. But instead of walking off the show at the beginning, he reportedly decides to pursue Ines for a fling instead to give “producers what they wanted”.

“It wasn’t serious with Ines, he just felt trapped on the show and wasn’t happy with Elizabeth,” the source revealed.

“They hooked up and it was against all morals and values of marriage,” a second source said to Now to Love.

With all of this speculation going on, Kyle and Jackie O decided to go straight to the sources and ask both Sam and Bronson, the two grooms involved in the rumours, if any of it was true.

But of course, they both remained pretty tight lipped about it all. All we really do know, is that some sort of big drama is coming.

While speaking with Sam during our MAFS recap with James Weir, he told us that this season really will be explosive, but he appeared to deny any cheating allegations.

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Celebrating our big day with a little dip, hold on Lizzie! #MAFS

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“You’ll have to wait and see,” Sam said after we asked if he leaves the show. “There’s a lot of exciting things to come. It’s a massive season,” he added.

“Does anything happen between you and Ines?” Jackie asked.

“Oh no, I think there’s a lot of rumours going around that’s for sure," Sam said. "They seem to be circulating about me.”

Bronson also fed us a similar response that’s obviously been drilled into their brains by Nine publicity when we asked about his wife Ines ditching him for Sam later this morning.

“Doesn’t she have some ups and downs so to speak with one of the other contestants in the next couple of days?” asked Kyle.

“I think just keep watching, it’s definitely worth the watch,” Bronson said. “You’ll just have to wait and see.”

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Vannes meet Brendan... Brendan meet.... umm #mafs

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“Even some of the best relationships take the longest work so it’s a long way ahead and a long road ahead so I guess just keep plugging away and see what happens,” he added.

Like they said, we’ll just have to wait and see! Maybe if it DOES happen, Bronson and Elizabeth will get together too? Now THAT we could see actually working!

Married At First Sight continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel Nine!

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