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Brandi Jackson Defends Michael Jackson Against Abuse Claims

The highly controversial Leaving Neverland documentary has left many people questioning the truth when it comes to the life of the late Michael Jackson.

Having premiered in the US and here in Australia only recently, the documentary airs extremely confronting accusations of sexual abuse made against the King of Pop from two men who spent a majority of their childhoods with Jackson.

But even before Leaving Neverland was released, Michael Jackson’s family remained adamant that the claims made by Brisbane-born Wade Robson and James Safechuck, are completely false and have been working constantly to clear his name.

One strong advocate for Jackson’s innocence is his niece Brandi Jackson. Brandi was not only very close with her uncle Michael Jackson, but she also dated one of the accusers, Wade Robson, during their teenage years.

She spoke with Kyle and Jackie O this morning to tell her side of the story when it comes to the Leaving Neverland documentary, telling us that she believes Michael is a “victim” in all of this and explaining why she think’s Wade’s accusations are false.

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Brandi began by telling us that she was “completely sickened” when she first watched the deeply complicated and disturbing claims made in Leaving Neverland.

“When I was watching it, I was completely sickened by it to be honest with you,” she said.

“The things that he [Wade] was saying were so over the top and so ridiculous, he was not describing my uncle.

“He was describing a totally different person but not my uncle and that’s why this is a narrative that has changed in is entire speaking over the last 12-years. Everything that he said about my uncle is the complete opposite of who he was painting in this documentary.”

Brandi then told us that Michael is the “victim” here to have such despicable things broadcast about him after his death. She claimed that Michael just wasn’t the type of person to harm anyone, especially children.

“Michael was the type of person who, all he wanted was peace for people,” Brandi continued.

“He wanted everyone to be happy and for good to be done to people and that’s what he really spent his life doing, was spreading love and joy.

“When you get to know him, you understand that he’s a very sensitive and delicate person and which is what made him easy to be the victim throughout his life. He was constantly being attacked and ridiculed.

“He’s not the type of person that could ever harm anyone, especially a child,” Brandi added. “And for people who have ever met him, they can tell you that’s a true statement.”

Brandi then spoke about her relationship with one of the accusers, Wade Robson, an Australian dancer and choreographer who claimed in the documentary to have been 7-years-old at the time that the has allegedly sexually abused by Michael Jackson.

Michael Jackson’s niece told us that she had met Wade in approximately 1991 and afterwards Wade had convinced Michael to set them up.

“We met in approximately ’91 on some photoshoots…and my uncle is the one that, you know, Wade had developed a crush and asked my uncle if he would put us together basically,” she explained.

“So it was around that time frame, maybe ’91 or ’92 that we started spending more time together and he asked me to be his girlfriend.”

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Brandi told us that her and Wade dated until about 2000-2001 and that they had an intimate relationship, claiming that she lost her virginity to Wade.

Having spent a great deal of time together, Brandi said that she knew some of Wade’s claims against Michael didn’t add up.

“One of the things is, you get this impression from the documentary that he was always with my Uncle. That he was with him in these long spurts of time,” Brandi said.

“But I can tell that from the time that I met Wade, that wasn’t the case. My uncle was always travelling and working. Wade was here in Los Angeles working. He wasn’t with my uncle.

“I spent a lot of time at Wade’s house and with his family. I know where he was,” she continued. “And that’s why people who used to work at Neverland are speaking out. Because we did used to go to the ranch but my uncle wasn’t there like that…My uncle wasn’t with him like that.”

Brandi also called out the fact that Wade had previously testified in court to say that this abuse had never occurred. 

In the documentary, he claimed that he only did this because he was scared of going to jail if he told the truth.

“With Wade saying that he was afraid to go to jail, Wade was a grown man when he testified the second time,” she said.

“If somebody had been anally penetrating you and anally abusing you when you were fourteen-years-old and you had a chance to go on the stand and put that man away for the rest of his life so that he couldn’t hurt anyone else, you’d do it.”

Finally, Brandi told us that she thought the motivation behind what she believes to be falsified accounts in the Leaving Neverland documentary was money.

“If you don’t believe them, do you think it’s just purely motivated by money?” asked Jackie.

“Absolutely, 100%,” Brandi said.

“It’s unfortunate but it’s true. Wade openly talks about the depression and breakdown that he had. And when he talked about it initially he referenced his work and how difficult it was to find work.”

“In this situation he was able to accuse Michael of molestation,” she continued. “It’s an easier route. It’s something that the public would believe and it’s something that is simple for him.”

Of course there are always two sides to every story and in this situation in particular it’s going to be incredibly difficult to work out where the truth really lies.

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