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Beau Ryan MC’d Salim Mehajer’s Extravagant Wedding

When you think of the most extravagant wedding ever held in Sydney (and very likely the entire country) you likely think of former Auburn mayor Salim Mehajer.

While Salim’s name appear in the news more often than not these days after his life went into a bit of a downward spiral following his 2015 wedding, the one thing that we often think about when we hear his name is the day that he closed down an entire city in order to marry his now ex-wife Aysha.

The wedding extravaganza, which filled the streets of Lidcombe with a motorcade of Harley Davidson's and luxury sports cars and cost more than an estimated $1 million to hold, made news everywhere.

And while it happened a number of years ago now, the wedding became a topic of conversation on air this morning with our very own Beau Ryan as he detailed the fact that he MC'd the event. 

“Did you actually do Salim’s wedding?” asked the Kyle and Jackie O newsreader Brooklyn during the show this morning.

“Yeah I did,” laughed Beau.

“Did you really? I thought you were joking,” expressed Jackie.

The discussion came up after Beau explained that he had MC'd a huge wedding over the weekend and since then he had been sent hundreds of messages on social media from fans asking him to MC their own weddings.

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Beau went on to explain how he ended up getting hired by Mehajer for his big day and what happened when he actually showed up to the extravagant event.

“This was a couple of years ago. Salim reached out to my manager and said, ‘We have a big wedding, we can’t say to much, here’s the name’. This is before Salim was Salim,” Beau explained.

He said that as he arrived at the event, he immediately knew this wasn’t your average wedding.

“So I rang my manager Wayne, when I got to the wedding at the Le Montage and I saw fifteen Ferraris and about ten Rolls Royce’s and four news helicopters,” he continued.

“When I saw two Channel nine helicopters, channel ten and seven I said, ’Something’s going on here. There’s about to be some sort of bust.”

“There’s a police van, there are cops everywhere, on the streets there’s media everywhere,” Beau added.

“And he [Beau’s manager] said, ‘Just do it and get out of there’. I stayed for ten minutes.”

Beau’s role was to do the opening statement at the wedding to introduce Salim and his bride to the reception. And after completing that, he legged it out of there as quick as possible.

“I did the opening bit, introduced them, and then the rest was in Arabic, and I got away and the rest was history,” Beau said.

“He was in the news because because he stopped the streets of Auburn, cars were getting towed and he was doing burnouts in the Harbour Tunnel…So it was a bit over the top.”

So you can understand why Beau’s a bit scarred and doesn’t really MC that many weddings anymore…

Hear more about Beau’s experience at Salim’s wedding in the video above!

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